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3 Tips to help you lose fat for the Summer

It's almost summer and I've been getting lots of questions about dieting for the summer.

I'm a fan of tracking data and will always recommend clients track calories to get the best possible results. If that doesn't interest you then follow these 3 easy tips to make sure your diet is going in the right direction.

  1. Eat lean protein and veggies with every meal - Sounds easy but can be challenging if you're on the go. Did you know the thermic effect of protein is much higher than carbs and fat? That makes high protein diets a smart choice to keep you satiated and burning fat.

  2. Drink enough water - We all know how important hydration is. Drinking plenty of water will keep you full, and functioning well.

  3. Prioritize resistance training over cardio - Studies show metabolism can be boosted up to 38 hours post workout from resistance training. You'll also build muscle which is tissue that requires your body to burn more calories just to maintain. Don't neglect cardio training completely but for fat loss weight training is key.

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