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3 ways to accelerate your training results

1. Start adding lean protein to each meal - Protein is the building block for muscle eating more protein will allow you to get stronger and recover faster. Diets high in protein also have an increased thermic effect with food. Protein is highly satiating and adding it to each meal helps to keep you from overeating.

If you'd like to read more about the many benefits of a high protein diet check out this article.

2. Prioritize sleep - Other than feeling better during the day sleep plays a huge role in increasing athletic performance. There have been many studies on increased sleep improving strength and muscle gains as well as general well-being.

If you’re interested in reading more about how important sleep is for performance here’s a fantastic study done by Stanford University.

3. Master good technique before adding more weight - Having good form is going to keep injury risk at a minimum that allows us to be consistent with training. Weight training is about moving weights efficiently, if you’re loading up the joints properly you will be able to lift more weight long term and that’s going to lead to better results. It's worth noting an effective training program is not one of many variations of excercises. It's better for trainees of all levels to focus on a handful of compound lifts and becoming very efficient at those movements.

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