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Getting in shape can seem overwhelming, especially when you try to navigate the journey by yourself. At Integra, we believe in mastering the basics and providing you a foundation of fitness that will last a lifetime.

About Integra

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About our founder

Dylan Mayorquin is a native Nashvillian and personal trainer whose clients include both athletes and everyday people. Dylan's philosophy is to create an individualized program which will reflect each client's unique needs and capabilities.


He embarked on his own health and fitness journey in 2010. Overweight and experiencing mental health distress, Dylan decided he needed a change. Through his own mental and physical transformation, he discovered a passion for helping others achieve similar goals.


Dylan enjoys learning more about training and mastering his craft, taking what he learns and integrating it into his training programs in a way his clients can understand.


Outside of training, Dylan enjoys spending time with his wife, Mara, and German Shepherd , Bella.


Dylan is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute in Orlando, FL.


Matt McKinley

Matt was born in California and raised outside of Seattle. He holds a BA in Kinesiology from Western Washington University.


Matt has a true passion for training and helping people better their lives. In Washington Matt held a 9-year position as head trainer of Decater Performance Center, during his time at Decater he built a diverse client base from youth athletes to elderly.


Matt’s favorite sport is Basketball, he’s an avid reader, elite nap taker, beer lover, and enjoys spending time with his wife Claire and Shih Tzu Danny Boy. 

Trey Fisher

Trey was born and raised in Virginia. He holds a BS in Exercise Science and a MS in Human Performance from Liberty University.


Trey has coached Runners and Triathletes, worked as a personal trainer at Kratos Interval Studio, and designed training programs for large group settings at Fleet Feet. He is very passionate about expanding his skill set and helping others reach their personal goals. 


Trey has been a competitive runner for 15 years and he continues to race when time allows. During his 15 years Trey ran Cross Country and Track in high school and in college. Trey Currently is an ambassador for Asics and looks to further his career at the semi professional level.


In his spare time Trey enjoys spending time with his wife Sammie and his three dogs: Zoe, Bailey, and Roxie. 

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