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One-on-One Personal Training

Work with us to master breathing, bracing, and fundamental movement patterns tailored to your specific fitness goals, needs, and current limitations. Integra takes a step-by-step approach to ensure that you fully understand the foundational principles of weightlifting and exercise. Clients at any fitness level can benefit from one-on-one work.


Two-on-one Personal Training

Same quality of training, but for less cost. Partnered training is still personalized, we'd like to meet with you individually for your free strategy session and assessment.


Focus on Training

You are unique, and so are we! We tailor our training methods and plans for every individual. We ensure we learn everything about you to counter-attack any barriers you may have in order for you to achieve your own personal goals.

Training Fundamentals

Focusing on mastering the foundations of training by learning proper breathing, bracing, and fundamental movement patterns. We follow a step by step approach that will provide you with a great understanding of all fitness training principles. By removing many unnecessary movements and mastering these foundational principles, you will reach your goals in the quickest, and safest way possible.

Injury Free Movement

Integra's #1 priority while you're training with us is form. We always make sure that you are using proper form during your workouts. We will teach you every step to help perfect each movement you do in the gym. This will significantly reduce your chance of injury and accelerate your fitness progress.

Strength & Mobility

We want to make sure you're getting stronger. To do so, we track your exercises to make sure you're getting the most out of your training. We implement many soft tissue  and mobility techniques to address muscular imbalances and to progress your strength training with the best movement possible. After your initial assessment, you will be shown and instructed through mobility exercises catered to your individual needs and limitations.

Nutritional Guidance

We offer nutrition and lifestyle guidance to enhance your results from training. Sharing from years of experience, our team will provide open and honest recommendations based on your fitness level, current health status and additional factors. We do not design meal plans, however, will be happy to refer you to a specialist who can do so if you prefer.

What clients can expect from Integra:

A genuine, dedicated and hard working fitness team who are committed to meeting clients where they are to lead a happier and healthier life. 

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