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3 Things to Elevate Your Training

1. Eat more protein: A general protein target to aim for is 1 gram of protein per 1lb of desired body weight. So, if you want to weigh 150lbs eat 150g of protein.

Make sure you have a healthy serving of protein with each meal and buy snacks that are high in protein to help you reach your goals.

Last month we gave you a list of high protein snacks that we recommend.

Please, let us know if you’d like more resources on foods to help you reach your protein target.

2. Sleep better: Sometimes, getting better at training means getting enough sleep. This might mean going to bed a little earlier, not using your phone too much, and not drinking alcohol.

You can find helpful tips on how to sleep better in this article:

3. Move MORE outside of the gym: We spend a lot of time sitting, which can make our bodies feel stiff and tight.

Moving more can help us feel better and burn more calories if we want to lose weight.

You can do this by walking, jogging, stretching, swimming, doing yardwork, cleaning, yoga, and Pilates. Adding these activities to your weekly routine can make your training even better.

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