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A Few Strategies to Navigate the Holidays

Navigating the holiday season can be particularly challenging for those of us committed to fat loss.

Through my own weight loss journey, I’ve picked up a few tips that help me stay on track with my diet and mindset.

1. Don’t make things you love off limits: The diet mindset is challenging around the holidays. In my own experience, if I allow myself the foods I love in moderation it helps me from overdoing it. Have that pie or casserole you love - but practice having one serving.

2. Do your best to move more: If you’re traveling or have guests in town, chances are you’re not going to be making training a priority and that’s okay! Go on a walk, play with your kids outside, jog around the block, do something to raise your activity level more than it would be sitting at home.

3. Don’t beat yourself up about eating: Instead of beating yourself up for enjoying the holiday, recognize that you’re probably going to eat more than you should, and your schedule is going to get out of the groove. Enjoy the holiday, then get right back on track with exercise and mindful eating. One day of bad eating won’t make you gain fat or lose muscle - a bad week might.

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