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Do you have excessive forward lean when you squat?

Does your squat look more like a hinge?

I think it’s important for clients to have a good understanding of what a squat should look and feel like.

I’m seeing forward lean with a lot of new clients and this is how I’m coaching them into a good squat.

Here’s a few things to think about to really nail down the movement.

1. Grab any weight, extend the arms, and reach long.

2. Try to lean back against the weight and squat straight down.

3. Inhale as you descend and exhale as you stand.

4. (Optional but helps) Elevate your heels with a wedge, small plates, or a board.

This variation should feel and look good. Work on this for a few weeks until you feel ready to progress to a goblet or front squat variation.

Thank you for watching!

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