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The ultimate warm up

If you're not taking to the time to do a serious warm-up you may be leaving some gains on the table and risking injury. This is a 4 step warm-up that you should implement in all of your workouts, in this order.

  1. 5 minutes of steady state cardio. This is just to get the body warm and some blood flowing, pretty simple but don't skip it .

  2. Your personalized mobility work. If you train with me i'm sure I have prescribed you mobility work based on your assessments at some point. This is when you practice it, it opens you up for the workout and gives you a window to train with better movement.

  3. Breathing and bracing practice. Another concept I introduce to all of my clients, if you're not working on these or know how to brace properly please email me and I will explain. We have enough people with injuries in the world and don't need more.

  4. Some type of explosive movement (plyometric). These do a great job of exciting the CNS and get your body ready to train hard.

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